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Second Tube: Improved safety at the Gotthard

A New Chapter in Swiss Transport History

«The overall focus of the rehabilitation of the Gotthard Tunnel is to improve safety. Additionally, the second tube will ensure permanent functionality of one of Europe’s most important north-south connections.»
The existing Gotthard Road Tunnel requires renovation. To ensure that the vital connection between the North and South remains operational during the construction period, the Swiss voters approved the construction of a second tube. As the leading partner of the Engineering Joint-Venture “Nuovo Gottardo”, Lombardi has been entrusted with the preparation of the tender and contract documents, as well as the preparation of the detailed design.

Since its inauguration in 1980, the Gotthard Road Tunnel has been one of the most crucial North-South north-south links in Europe. Approximately five million vehicles traverse the A2 highway between Göschenen and Airolo each year. Five decades after its opening, and to ensure its long-term safe operation, the first tube requires comprehensive overhaul.  

To maintain this significant connection during the rehabilitation, the Federal Roads Office (FEDRO) is planning to construct a second tube. Once the second tube is complete in 2029, the repair of the first tube will start, and by 2032 both tubes will be operational. The traffic capacity will not increase, however, with only one lane open in each direction.  

The primary focus of this renovation and expansion project is to improve traffic safety. This will be achieved through operation of separate tunnels for each direction, and network redundancy in terms of maintenance and events. Lombardi’s services include the elaboration of the detailed design, preparation of tender and contract documents, as well as drawings and documents “as built”. The project involves all underground structures and preparatory work at the Göschenen and Airolo portals. 

The impressive construction project will place high importance to ecological sustainability. The excavation material generated during the construction of the second tube will be 100% recycled. By optimizing resource utilization, environmental impact will be minimized, and the principles of circular economy upheld. Moreover, the project will benefit the municipality of Airolo through improved noise protection measures and better integration of the A2 highway into the surrounding landscape.  

Furthermore, the rehabilitation project includes the relocation of a high-voltage power line through the new tube, allowing the dismantling of existing lines that currently traverse the Gotthard Pass. 

  • Conventional and TBM tunnelling
  • Cavern and shaft construction
  • Ventilation
  • Technical buildings
  • Electromechanical equipment
  • Material Management

length of the second Gotthard tube in kilometers


million tons – Quantity of excavation materia


Total project costs in CHF billions


Number of cars allowed per hour

Lat: 46.373096
Lng: 8.924776

Gotthard Massiv Switzerland

Lombardi Erik Carrera2
«The Gotthard shapes Switzerland’s identity like no other mountain. It fills me with pride that we can contribute to the long-term preservation of this legendary transportation corridor.» Eric Carrera