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Through station for Central Switzerland

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«The Lucerne through station is the project of the century for public transport and sustainable mobility in Central Switzerland. Better connections will meet the growing mobility needs of the population.»
The planned through station in Lucerne will create new capacity in today's fully utilised railway system and thus enable urgently needed service expansions. Among other things, the project will bring Italian and German-speaking Switzerland closer together. As part of a planning consortium, Lombardi was commissioned to design the underground railway station for four tracks. This is to be built below the existing railway station.

The city of Lucerne is the economic, tourist and cultural centre of Central Switzerland. Around 100,000 passengers use Switzerland's fourth-largest railway station every day - meaning that the regional railway hub has been operating at full capacity for years.

A new through station will create additional capacity as well as more direct, more frequent and faster connections in future. This will benefit not only regional, but also national and international rail traffic. Among other things, the project will lead to considerable time savings on the north-south connection between Switzerland and Italy. The Swiss Federal Railways expect construction to take between 11 and 13 years, with total costs estimated at around CHF 3.3 billion.

Together with the companies "B+S AG", “Dürig AG” and "AFRY", Lombardi has been awarded the contract for the overall planning of the underground railway station. The centrepiece of this project is the 44-metre-wide platform hall for four tracks, which is to be built underneath the existing station. Lombardi's mandate includes all planning phases from the preliminary project through to and including the final project. As an option, Lombardi can also be commissioned with the execution, commissioning, and completion of the project.

In addition to the underground station, the two access routes, the Neustadt and Dreilindentunnel, are also part of the major project. The latter will even cross under the Lucerne Lake basin over a length of 400 metres. To achieve this, five prefabricated tunnel elements will be lowered into the bed of Lake Lucerne.

Swiss Federal Railways has completed the preliminary project for the Lucerne through station in spring 2023. The national parliament is expected to decide in 2026 whether the through station can be realised as planned from the early 2030s.

  • Conventional and TBM tunnelling
  • Urban tunnel, metro
  • Cavern and shaft construction
  • Underground facilities and systems
  • Cut-and-cover
  • Technical buildings
  • Excavation support and ground improvement
  • Material Management
  • Special geotechnical works 
  • Railway engineering

the number of passengers using Lucerne railway station per day today


Metres - width of the new platform hall of the underground station


Metres – length of the tunnel under the Lucerne lake basin


Years - Estimated construction time

Lat: 47.0496211
Lng: 8.310345

Lucerne Station

A Fuchs
«Without infrastructure expansion, further development of the railway services in Central Switzerland is not possible. The planned underground station and the new underground access routes will sustainably optimise the region's accessibility.» André Fuchs