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New pumped storage power plant in Australia

Snowy 2.0 to supply three million households with green energy

«The Snowy 2.0 pumped storage power plant will not only supply millions of Australians with renewable energy - thanks to the project, C02 emissions can also be reduced by 14.5 million tons annually.»
One of the world's largest pumped storage power plants is currently being built in Australia: the core of the project is a tunnel system over 27 kilometers long that connects the two existing reservoirs Talbingo and Tantangara in the Snowy Mountains of New South Wales. The power plant will have a capacity of 2,200 megawatts and can store energy for around a week. Lombardi has supported the project with its extensive expertise in the field of hydropower plants and tunnel construction.

Australia is driving forward the energy transition at a rapid pace: to further increase energy production from renewable sources, the country is increasingly relying on pumped storage technology.

The new Snowy 2. pumped storage power plant has several advantages.

Snowy 2.0 will supply millions of Australians with green electricity every week. The large energy reserves of the upper reservoir make it possible to store surplus energy for up to a week. The power plant will therefore supply energy "on demand" - i.e. whenever it is needed.

Thanks to the ingenious system, not only will Australia's C02 emissions be reduced by 14.5 million tons per year in future - the plant will also help to stabilize the region's grid. The highlight: while the power plant generates additional energy at peak times, surplus solar and wind energy is used to pump water from the lower reservoir (Talbingo) back into the upper reservoir (Tantangara) when electricity demand is low.

On behalf of Snow Hydro Limited and the general contractor Future Generation Joint Venture, Lombardi is making a significant contribution to the realization of the project: our company is responsible for the detailed and execution planning of the tunnel system, the intake structures and several shafts. In addition to the underground tunnel connection, a further 20 kilometers of access tunnels are required to ensure the successful operation of the plant. Lombardi's mandate also includes on-site technical construction supervision.

  • Conventional and TBM tunnelling
  • Cavern and shaft construction
  • Hydraulic tunnels and shafts
  • Penstocks and steel lining

Megawatts – capacity of the pumped storage power plant


kilometers – length of the tunnel system that connects the two reservoirs Talbingo and Tantangara.

3 Mio.

households can be supplied with electricity for a week - this is the storage capacity of the pumped storage power plant.


This is the number of pump turbine units in operation, each with an output of 367 megawatts.

Lat: -35.621
Lng: 148.302

Talbingo Dam

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«With the realization of the Snowy 2.0 pumped storage power plant, Australia is setting an important example for a sustainable energy future. We are proud to be part of this impressive project and to be able to contribute to the further expansion of renewable energies.» Fabian Sommer