Flagship Projects

Operational and security systems in Mumbai

Maximum safety - even 22 meters below sea level

«The new coastal road in Mumbai is relieving the traffic congestion in the Indian metropolis. The project, which also includes a three-kilometre-long underwater tunnel, meets the very highest requirements in terms of operating and safety systems.»
Mumbai's underground coastal road is one of the city's most ambitious transportation projects. With its partially underground route, the new connection is not only intended to relieve traffic, but also to create new open spaces for the population. As the associated road tunnel is around 22 meters below sea level, safety is a particularly high priority for the project. Lombardi played a key role in the planning and implementation of the operating and safety systems.

To ensure the positive impact of the new coastal road, Lombardi was commissioned with extensive tasks relating to the operational efficiency and safety of the road project.

Among other things, our company is responsible for the planning of all mechanical, electronic, and sanitary installations (MEP). This includes, for example, the power supply - from the high-voltage input to the low-voltage distribution within the tunnel to the diesel generators for the emergency power supply.

Other key components of the planning include the tunnel illumination, fire alarm and control systems as well as the intelligent traffic management systems. The tunnel ventilation system was designed in accordance with the latest safety requirements using Saccardo technology.

Lombardi's contract also included planning the control and monitoring architecture and the necessary IT infrastructure. In terms of traffic management, we were commissioned with the planning of the signage system in the tunnel, the radio transmission system, the emergency telephones, and the video surveillance system (CCTV) with automatic event detection, among other things.

  • Urban tunnel, metro
  • Tunnel safety
  • Ventilation
  • Operating and safety systems
  • Technical buildings
  • Electromechanical equipment

meters - That's how deep below sea level the new road tunnel runs.


Million- Number of residents in the city of Mumbai


hectares of land along the road will be greened


minutes less time is needed on the new coastal road between Worli and Marine Drive

Lat: 19.032
Lng: 72.81


“Sustainability means whatever design you make or whatever supervision or project management consulting work you are doing at site. You need to keep in mind that every material you suggest or every process you suggest must be environmentally viable.” 
Surinder Pal, General Manager Lombardi India
«It goes without saying that projects of this size place special demands on operation and safety. Thanks to many years of experience and numerous completed tunnel and road construction projects, Lombardi is the ideal partner for this impressive project.» Surinder Pal, General Manager Lombardi India