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New coastal road for Mumbai

Better traffic flow thanks to India's first underwater tunnel

«Thanks to a new road including an underwater tunnel along the coast of Mumbai, the north-south connection will be significantly improved. The population will benefit from smoother traffic and additional recreational and green spaces.»
The new coastal road in Mumbai will relieve the existing roads in the Indian metropolis. Thanks to a "high-speed sector" and an underwater tunnel with two tubes, commuters will be able to travel much faster in future. In addition, new recreational areas for the population will be created along the coastline - and the existing surface use will also be upgraded.

Commuters in Mumbai usually need a lot of patience. The average speed on the roads of this major Indian city is just 21 to 25 km/h at rush hour. Thanks to the "Mumbai Coastal Road Project", this will change in the future. Among other things, the project includes a "high-speed sector" around ten kilometers long, on which road users will be able to travel at 80 km/h throughout.

The new coastal road, which stretches over a length of 29.2 kilometers, will ensure a significantly better flow of traffic. The heart of the project is an underwater tunnel with a length of around three kilometers. It includes a double tube with two lanes and an emergency lane. In heavy traffic, the tunnel can be used as a three-lane road.

Lombardi was responsible for the execution planning of the construction and tunnel construction work. We were also responsible for designing the route and planning the underground technical buildings at both portals. In addition, our experts provided technical support for the construction work, operation of the tunnel boring machine, tunnel ventilation and the planned modernization of the electrical and mechanical systems.

There is no question that the new coastal road in Mumbai is setting new standards in many aspects. The project includes the realization of India's first underwater tunnel. Lombardi played a key role in defining the specifications for the "Mawala" tunnel boring machine, which was specially designed for this project. With a diameter of over twelve meters, it is the largest tunnel boring machine of its kind ever used in India.

Thanks to the new coastal road, the journey time for commuters will be significantly reduced - and fuel consumption can also be cut by 35 percent. But the engineers have not only thought about traffic: the new coastal section also includes a promenade with green spaces and a recreational area for the local population.

  • Conventional and TBM tunnelling
  • Urban tunnel, metro
  • Cavern and shaft construction
  • Underground facilities and systems
  • Cut-and-cover
  • Tunnel safety
  • Ventilation
  • Operating and safety systems
  • Technical buildings

tons of CO2 - emissions saved.


meters - length of the new underwater tunnel in Mumbai.


km/h - This is how fast drivers will be traveling in the "high-speed sector".


meters – Diameter of the tunnel boring machine "Mawala"

Lat: 18.947284
Lng: 72.821114


5 W9 A2726
«Mumbai is facing major transportation challenges. The new coastal road will undoubtedly contribute to the overall development of the Indian metropolis.» Surinder Pal