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Traditionally innovative

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Unlocking the power of digital transformation

Digital transformation is an ongoing process that affects every aspect of our lives, influencing concepts, techniques, and procedures that impact our human activities and business models. Lombardi is actively driving this transformation in the field of engineering, implementing innovative approaches in our projects. Over recent years, we've been actively developing a Digital Strategy to modernize our organization and bring innovative methods to our projects across various branches, establishing new project standards and workflows that foster collaboration across engineering disciplines. Building Information Modeling (BIM) and geomatics are at the heart of our strategy, enabling us to manage digitally all aspects of infrastructures from the conception phase throughout their lifecycle. Thanks to digital twins, we enhance project management, cost efficiency, and sustainability in our projects, delivering greater effectiveness and benefits for all stakeholders.


The fusion of engineering and sustainability

Sustainability is at the heart of our company's values. It involves integrating environmentally friendly, socially responsible, and economically viable principles into our engineering practices. Our mission is to pioneer the development of eco-friendly solutions and energy-efficient technologies. Sustainable engineering, to us, means promoting circular economy concepts, building resilient infrastructure, embracing alternative materials, and integrating smart solutions. To achieve this, we employ a diverse range of methods and techniques, including life cycle assessment, effective stakeholder management, and cross-disciplinary collaborations. Throughout all phases of our projects, we examine meticulously every opportunity to enhance sustainability. Our ultimate goal is not just to meet today's standards but, above all, to secure a sustainable and equitable future for the next generations.

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Tackling Complex Issues with Out-of-the-Box Thinking

In Lombardi, we believe in applying a rigorous scientific approach to solve complex engineering problems. This involves expanding and developing scientific theories as well as developing in-house software to craft the most suitable technical solutions for structural and infrastructural challenges. This blend of creativity and scientific methodology is fundamental for pioneering design and construction, ensuring that we deliver the highest quality solutions to our clients.


Embracing Innovation as Our Trademark

Inspired by Dr. Lombardi's forward-thinking spirit, we continue the tradition of thoughtful innovation in civil engineering. Dr. Lombardi's remarkable endeavors — whether it’s the conception of the Grouting Intensity Number (GIN) method, the innovative design of the Contra dam, the first dam designed entirely with numerical analysis, or his engineering marvel of the Gotthard Tunnel, the longest road tunnel in the world when it opened in 1985 — reflects our commitment to pushing the boundaries of engineering excellence. These remarkable achievements are testament to our unwavering dedication to innovation and setting new standards in engineering.

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«An engineer must be able to envision solutions that go beyond the traditional framework, but then calmly analyze and evaluate them without being influenced by excessive enthusiasm, if any, arising from the uniqueness of their proposal.» Dr. Giovanni Lombardi