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Our concept of R&D

Lombardi's approach to engineering an innovative future

Research and Development (R&D) is the essence of our continuous development and unique progress towards new challenges and market opportunities. Our future-oriented and targeted thinking is the key to constantly enhance the quality, customization, and comprehensiveness of our services. The main goal is to provide our clients with the smartest and best solution before our competitors do through a process of constant research, knowledge creation and sharing and targeted experimentation.

Addressing the most significant challenges for any forward-thinking and successful company involves answering the following key questions: “Which is the best roadmap to reach our goals? How do we boost market share, revenue, and profit? How can we maintain our high standards of excellence? And finally, how can we identify and seize the next major innovation in our industry to ensure a competitive advantage?”

The R&D competency centre is the key driver of Lombardi's path to long-term success, innovation, and growth in a dynamic ecosystem. R&D has a significant impact on:

  • Supporting existing services and businesses to ensure they remain competitive and operate efficiently.
  • Pioneering new opportunities in line with our corporate objectives and our stakeholders’ needs.
  • Expanding and enhancing digital capabilities for a long-term advantage and for addressing future challenges

The Power of Knowledge

Innovation is an ongoing process of developing a business out of the created knowledge, whereas research and development is the process of acquiring and sharing new information inspired by new challenges and needs. Combined, they serve as the perfect bridge between our present and future.

Driving Open Collaboration

Benefiting from synergetic potential of our global organisation is crucial for well-coordinated and independent research. To achieve this, Lombardi is actively promoting its R&D initiatives across the entire organization on a global scale and is taking advantage of the interdisciplinarity and all the group's competencies.

Deliver the greatest value

We are aware about the importance of making a significant contribution to the sustainability of our businesses, to streamline all Group activities by reducing time-to-market and to offer the latest solutions with a guaranteed quality of the service to our clients from the planning stages to the final asset decommissioning.

Our Value Innovation
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Maren Katterbach 1
Published on
    October 17, 2023
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«Innovation is driven by a vision and individuals who believe in it. Within Lombardi, I see brilliant ideas. We are committed to finding optimal solutions by constantly challenging our creativity and raising awareness on potential issues to meet customer expectations and remain competitive.» Maren Katterbach