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The digitalization of the Tunnel Schöneich - Zurich

Digital Twin: Operation & Maintenance of an existing Road Tunnel

Lombardi BIM Team leads the digitalization of Schöneich Tunnel, a road tunnel at the entrance of the city of Zurich that is part of the 'Covering Schwamendingen' project by the Swiss Federal Roads Office. The digitalization of the infrastructure aims to provide a foundation for a Digital Twin application for the Swiss Federal Roads Office by leveraging good Building Information Modeling (BIM) practices and robust parametric modeling.

In the realm of infrastructure management, the operational phase often surpasses design and construction in terms of resource consumption. Embracing this insight, we have spearheaded the use of Digital Twins—a sophisticated digital representation of physical assets. In collaboration with the Federal Roads Office (FEDRO), we have created the Digital Twin of the Schöneich Tunnel, a model that merges 3D geometry, construction data, sensor information, and cloud-based asset management to revolutionize efficiency.

Beginning with an accurate laser scan survey during renovation, our BIM team masterfully digitalized the tunnel's entire structure and equipment. Facing the intricate geometry of the tunnel, our team devised custom procedures to faithfully represent its constantly evolving shape. By sampling over 100 cross-sections, we harnessed these profiles to guide our parametric modeling, ensuring our digital output was as reliable as it was complex.

Crucial to our process was the collaboration with maintenance teams to pinpoint exact data requirements for each model element. This data was deftly managed through an innovative technique, aligning with our commitment to open standards in building information modeling, specifically utilizing the Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) format. IFC is the universal open BIM data model developed to facilitate interoperability in the architecture, engineering, and construction industry, allowing for the exchange and preservation of BIM data across different software applications.

Our relational database, designed to interact with custom software, drives the production of IFC-compliant models and supports model-checking activities. In Digital Twin applications, information is paramount—only through a logical and robust data schema can it be fully leveraged.

The digitization of the Schöneich Tunnel is a milestone in Lombardi's journey towards advanced BIM methodologies and information management, setting new standards for the industry and expanding our capacity to meet our clients' digital aspirations.

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    December 14, 2023
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Pierpaolo Canini PIC edited
«Our team's dedication to the Digital Twin project reflects Lombardi's commitment to innovative and practical solutions in infrastructure management.» Pierpaolo Canini