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Life Cycle Management

A journey through the entire infrastructure life span

«Lombardi focuses on sustainable civil engineering, integrating environmental and social considerations into every project for lasting, positive impact.»
Sustainability has always been a priority for Lombardi. From the planning stages to the final decommissioning of infrastructure, our Life Cycle Management consultancy services ensure that every project we take care of considers all the environmental, economic, digital, and social aspects.
It goes beyond the concept of mere construction; It's about having a forward-thinking approach that leverages expertise and state-of-the-art solutions to preserve asset value and generate a positive impact.

Life Cycle Management has emerged as a critical service to plan and efficiently manage infrastructure at all stages.

Focusing on all aspects of an asset’s lifecycle means being able to achieve resilience and a sustainable performance.

Our approach integrates all dimensions of sustainability, providing a holistic view to ensure efficient and effective use of natural and financial resources to reduce negative impacts on the society.

The accurate and extensive information required is generated through intelligent and connected information workflows, such as Building Information Modelling (BIM).

We provide safe and sustainable engineering solutions to improve the quality of life and the environment of future generations. Thanks to over 65 years of relevant experience in the sector, we are aware of the most pressing challenges and changes affecting the infrastructure domain.

What distinguishes our LCM approach?

  • Lombardi strategically blends tailored engineering approaches, a proven expertise, dedicated pool of resources, and a strong know-how with the latest internally developed predictive modelling tools and digital models.
  • We maintain a strong commitment to environmental protection. With the aim of enhancing the infrastructures’ resilience, the Lombardi Life Cycle Management approach seeks to reach the ideal balance between costs, risks, resources and performance at every phase of the asset's lifespan.
  • Lombardi's infrastructure LCM advisory success lies in its portfolio: across continents and cultures, the firm's imprint is evident. Each project stands as a testament of our philosophy of engineering.

The interaction with stakeholders is more than just a service; it's a promise. A promise to clients, to communities, and to the world, that every project undertaken will be a beacon of sustainability, innovation, and excellence. With Lombardi, the future is not just built; it's envisioned, nurtured, and realized.

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Besseghini Fulvio
Published on
    November 09, 2023
  • Sustainability & Life Cycle Management Advisory
  • Environmental Impact Analyses
  • Engineering for net-zero future
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«In the infrastructure Life Cycle Management team, I’ve found a purpose. We don't just design, we ensure longevity, sustainability, and a brighter future.» Fulvio Besseghini