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MIC - Streamlined Monitoring for Structural Safety

Empowering Infrastructure with Data-Driven Insights

MIC, the all-inclusive monitoring software designed for structural and geotechnical long-term safety assessment. With over 40 years of expertise, MIC offers a user-friendly platform, accessible on any device. It seamlessly integrates with various sensors and instruments, streamlining data acquisition and analysis to safeguard your valuable assets.

Resulting from more than four decades of experience in dam monitoring and monitoring software development, the MIC software is specifically designed for assisting all actors involved in the different phases of the monitoring process for civil and geotechnical structures.

MIC is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, based on a database on cloud server accessible via internet by any device: computer, tablet, smartphone. This eliminates the need for installation or maintenance. Constantly improved, any upgrade of the software is made available to all users, ensuring that you are always working with the latest tools and features. On request, other installation concepts may be arranged, offering flexibility to meet unique needs.

Thanks to its flexibility, MIC can be adapted to any existing monitoring infrastructure or process and it is compatible with any type of instrument, sensor, and manufacturer. Monitoring data can be inserted into the database through a keyboard, data files, spreadsheets, hand-held and automatic dataloggers.

MIC provides an integrated processing, analysis and long-term archiving of monitoring data related to in-service structures or geotechnical assets, from the plausibility control of automatic or manual records to the preparation of personalized graphs and reports. The program allows the implementation of advanced probabilistic and deterministic models, which offer the necessary support to quickly identify any irregular behavior of the structure/geotechnical assets or of the monitoring instrumentation. The software provides some analysis tools specifically developed for dam monitoring, such as thermal analysis or the determination of the creep delay effect.

The software procedures allow the user to implement user-defined workflows which help the Owner to manage the monitoring process of a structure/geotechnical assets, thanks to a reminder and notification service guiding all the involved figures in the different monitoring phases: data acquisition, data validation and safety assessment.
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    November 09, 2023
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