Flagship Projects

Raising the Limberg dam

Investing in Austria's energy future

«The raising of the Limberg dam will allow to increase the storage capacity of the Wasserfallboden reservoir by around 13 million cubic meters. The improved capacity will be particularly beneficial during the winter.»
By 2030, 100% of Austria's electricity should come from renewable energy sources. With the construction of Limberg 3 pumped storage plant and the raising of the Limberg dam, the energy group Verbund is pushing ahead with the energy transition in the Alpine region. Lombardi was able to benefit from valuable experience from previous projects when planning the dam heightening.

With around 60 percent of electricity generated in the country, hydropower plays an important role in Austria's energy supply. The major project that the energy group Verbund is currently implementing in Kaprun also fits in with this. The planned raising of the Limberg dam from 120 to 129 meters will make a significant contribution to increasing the capacity and flexibility of the supply system. Specifically, the storage capacity of the historic reservoir will increase by 12.7 million cubic meters. In future, the reservoir will be able to manage a total of 93.9 million cubic meters of water.

The project will enable more water to be stored in future, particularly in the wet and rainy summer months, which can then be used to generate more electricity in the winter months. The hydropower plant thus not only contributes to the desired energy transition, but also to the prevention of potential power shortages. After all, hardly any other technology is able to store electricity so efficiently on such a large scale and provide it flexibly when needed.

The raising of the dam is part of Limberg 3 power plant project, which itself is part of a large generation group consisting of various reservoirs and power plants. Lombardi was commissioned with the tender and implementation planning for the dam extension. In this challenging project, our engineers were able to benefit from their valuable expertise in the planning and execution of power plant projects. Thanks to valuable experience from comparable construction projects, we dealt intensively with topics such as materials management and concrete technology at an early stage. Both themes had a significant influence on the construction process, the overall costs and the quality of execution.

  • Dams and retention structures
  • Green Energy
  • Advanced numerical modelling
  • Dam safety assessment 
  • Engineering for net-zero future

m above sea level - New dam target (currently 1672)


m above sea level - New dam crest (currently 1672.50)


meters - New crown length of the dam (currently 357)


million cubic meters - New maximum volume of water to be managed (currently 81.2)

Lat: 47.1793349
Lng: 12.7213638


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«The expansion of wind and solar energy can only be guaranteed with a parallel expansion of storage capacity. The Limberg example shows what a CO2-neutral and secure energy future can look like. It's great that we at Lombardi are able to contribute to this!» Fabio Blasi