Lombardi India

What we do


Civil Designs

We are well versed in providing preliminary design, detailed design, design support while execution, majorly of the following entities but not limited to:

  • Conventional and Mechanized Tunnels
  • Underground stations, shafts and caverns
  • Cut & Cover sections
  • Utility buildings 
  • Slopes and Retaining structures 


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Electromechanical Design

In addition to functionality, we emphasize on system-wide compatibility, optimization, maintenance requirements and reliability through collaborative tools, mechanisms and methodologies. We identify and correlate consequences during the design, plumbing, fire safety, air and lighting ventilation, fabrication and installation.


Special Studies

This involves optimal mix of scientific knowledge, engineering judgement and numerical skills to properly address unique engineering problems. A combination of various in-house developed mathematical tools & proven physical understanding of problems help troubleshoot and provide engineering solutions.

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Planning, Management & Consultancy

Lombardi takes pride in our construction and infrastructure intelligence. We provide incisive project management consultancy to manage expectations and visions of all major stakeholders involved in the project. Be it Lombardi appointed specialists or collaborating with specialists chosen by our customers, we bring together a skilled planning team.

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Third Party / Peer Review

Lombardi offers independent review services to provide inputs to clients that will either reinforce design solution, or provide a route to an improved alternative, saving costs and delayed timelines.

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Construction Supervision

Stakeholders and contractors appreciate our insightful supervisory acumen, design support and full construction supervision offers conscientious quality supervision and detailed work planning. We work collaboratively with the key stakeholders and contractors to optimize costs, schedules, safety and quality; thereby, creating a win-win for all.


Conventional and TBM tunnelling

Conventional and TBM tunnelling

Our core competence builds on the great Swiss tunnelling heritage. Risk management in tunneling starts with the systematic analysis of the geological and hydrogeological fundamentals, which leads to the detailed representation of ground models (Baugrundmodelle). The relevant hazards (Gefährdungsbilder) can be easily identified on the basis of the ground models and possible concepts for measures can be than drawn up. This systematic approach leads to a robust excavation design even under the most difficult conditions in coventional or mechanized excavation.

Urban tunnel, metro

Urban tunnel, metro

In urban underground construction (stations, tunnels and facilities), tunneling methods that protect the the sensitive environment while maintaining appropriate safety factors must be strived for. In addition to conceptual considerations, complex numerical calculations are often required to estimate the extent of settlement as accurately as possible. With regard to the local residents, the stakeholders and the environment, we attach great importance to the sustainability of the planned and realized structures.



In addition to numerous tunnel constructions using underground methods, various cut-and-cover tunnels extend our service portfolio in the field of near-surface tunnel construction. In these structures, the interactions of the existing ground and the new tunnel structure are of particular importance.

Technical buildings

Technical buildings

With our core competencies of civil and electromechanical engineering, we offer project planning, design, and construction supervision services for technical buildings. The buildings can range from stations for operation and ventilation, for excavation and concrete structural works, to complete equipment installations. Whether underground (niches, shafts or buildings) or in the portal area, we cover the entire range of buildings.

Excavation support and ground improvement

Excavation support and ground improvement

We have many years of experience in the pre-treatment of weak rock or soft soil and the creation of sealing bodies in the protection of which tunnelling (conventional or TBM) can be carried out. Freezing, jet-grouting, systematic drainage and injections are examples of measures that we have planned and closely supervised during their realization and are therefore part of our core expertise.