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First Breakthrough

India biggest Hydroshield TBM

January 10th, 2022 marks the first Breaktrough of India’s biggest TBM “Mavala” at retrieval shaft constructed in Girgaon Chowpatty, Mumbai, India.

Mavala (excavation diameter 12.19 m) was commissioned on 11 January 11th, 2021 from launching shaft at Priyadarshini Park and a total of 2,072 metres of tunnelling was completed in a course of 1 year, excavating through challenging geological conditions under the sea level, and underpassing structures of historical and cultural relevance. Lombardi, as Detailed Design Consultant, is proud to be part of this great achievement providing engineering services for Tunnelling and Civil Works, as well as for MEP and Ventilation Works to Larsen & Toubro Ltd for the ambitious Mumbai Coastal Road Project / Package 4.

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    January 01, 2022
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