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The experienced geologist will be part of the current DJV (Design Joint Venture) REDST (Resident Engineer Design Site Team). He/She will be based full-time in the Snowy 2.0 project sites/Cooma office during the execution phase of the Snowy 2.0 hydro project (NSW, Australia). He/She will be involved in day-to-day REDST team activities and tasks with regard to surface and sub-surface ground investigation, excavation and support of the D&B and TBM tunnels/adits, tunnel portals, shafts, caverns, intake portals and other project components.

Job Description

  • Assist the senior engineering geologist in scheduling, planning and REDST activities on site and attend regular internal/external meetings as requested by the Lead Resident Design Engineer or Project Manager and Project Director
  • Perform tunnels/shafts/cavern/access adits and portals geological mapping and Assess ground conditions and ground behaviors in response to the surface and underground excavations in accordance with the relevant technical specifications and drawings
  • Oversee and review tunnel/cut slope excavation and support methods, rock/soil support, fissure/consolidation/backfill/cavity grouting, probe drilling, overbreaks treatment, geotechnical instrumentation and monitoring and lab/in-situ testing in accordance with the project technical specifications and drawings
  • Geological/geotechnical investigation and data interpretation in relation to D&B and TBM excavations, shafts, caverns, cut slopes, and tunnel portals.
  • Review and approve as-built geological drawings for D&B/TBM tunnels, gate shafts, caverns, tunnels and access adits, and tunnel portals; Review, advise and oversee, when required, surface and sub-surface ground investigation results/works, including borehole drilling and sampling, logging and geology data interpretation; Provide responses for the RFI submitted by the Client and/or the Employer regarding clarification on Geology and geotechnical information; Prepare 2D/3D geological models using relevant common software packages; and Other tasks and responsibilities related to geology/geotechnics as assigned by the LEAD Resident Engineer


  • Should have at least seven (7) years of experience in ground investigation, D&B/TBM tunnel excavation and support, caverns, shafts, adits and surface excavation and support, preferably in consultancy and design fields
  • Should have a degree in Geology or equivalent and have preferably professional registration status.
  • Preferably be familiar with tunnelling observational methods i.e NATM as well as TBM tunnelling, with respect to geological/geotechnical assessment during excavation and instrumentation and monitoring systems and data interpretation
  • Should be familiar with and be able to work with advanced tunnel/underground geological and drafting software and system; i.e. Leapfrog, gINT, ShapeMatrix, Dips, Swedge/Unwedge, Autocad, etc
  • Should have a valid Australian driving license


  • Jan Fabian Sommer

  • Reetu Joshi
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