Lombardi Celebrates 20 Years of Excellence in the German-Speaking Switzerland

Tradition Meets Innovation at the Festive Annual Event

In a festive atmosphere, Lombardi celebrated its 20th anniversary in German-speaking Switzerland. The annual event, held in the picturesque city of Lucerne, featured a diverse range of activities, from a scavenger hunt through the historic streets to a virtual ascent of the Matterhorn.

Two decades of innovation and success – that's how Lombardi's impressive journey in German-speaking Switzerland can be summarized, celebrated at an annual event. This celebration simultaneously honoured past achievements and looked forward to a promising future.

The annual event commenced with a brief presentation. Following that, employees had the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities.

A particular highlight was the scavenger hunt, offering participants a chance to experience the beauty of Lucerne from a fresh perspective. The virtual ascent of the Matterhorn provided a unique adventure, allowing guests to behold one of Switzerland's most magnificent mountains from an extraordinary vantage point.

Creativity took centre stage in the Origami workshop with the renowned artist Sipho Mabona, who introduced participants to the delicate art of paper folding. The boat trip on Lake Lucerne delighted with its picturesque views.

The festive day culminated in a convivial gathering at the Glacier Garden, where an apéro amidst breath-taking natural surroundings and the Felsen museum, planned by Lombardi, provided an opportunity to toast to our shared successes. The evening concluded with a dinner at the historic MaiHof, where we enjoyed the festive atmosphere with musical entertainment and magic tricks.

Amid the celebrations, it became evident that Lombardi in German-speaking Switzerland not only excels in success and innovation but also values community and exchange between locations, ultimately serving as the foundation of our creativity.

Looking back on two fulfilling decades, the anticipation for the years ahead is tangible. Lombardi is ready to continue scripting the success story in German-speaking Switzerland together with our customers and partners.

Published by
Matthias neidhart
Published on
    September 14, 2023