Railway link between Turin-Ceres line and Turin bypass

A true urban and infrastructural revolution for Turin

«Our project will revolutionise the infrastructure of the northern area of Turin and within Piedmont serving millions of users by connecting Turin Caselle airport to the entire regional, national and international rail network.»
In addition to the new railway connection, the project was an important opportunity to upgrade the road system and the green areas of an area with a large volume of traffic. The 80-span elevated motorway of the 1970s was replaced by a new road tunnel and with the new Grosseto stop. In all cases the common thread is completely underground solutions, which fit into the densely populated urban fabric and generate a higher quality of life.

The project radically transforms Turin, creating a new railway connection between the city's urban railway system and the Turin-Ceres line.

  • New Railway Tunnel: a 2481.6 metre double-track tunnel excavated using the 'Milan method' and concrete secant pile bulkheads. This tunnel connects the "Rebaudengo-Fossata" station to the Corso Grosseto - Via Confalonieri junction on the Turin-Ceres line.
  • New 'Grosseto' Station: an underground railway station built with a passenger building, technical rooms and two 180-metre platforms.
  • New Road Underpass: double carriageway under Largo Grosseto, 440 metres long, also excavated according to the "Milan method".
  • Extension of the 'Rebaudengo-Fossata' station: three new platforms in an existing artificial tunnel to connect the new railway tunnel with Turin's Passante Ferroviario.
  • Demolition of the Grosseto Overpass: The old overpass, with more than 80 spans on three levels, was demolished, resulting in the spin-off of the 'Bridge|50' international research project on the experimental evaluation of beams and piers.

In addition, the project included the redevelopment of the existing railway tunnel, a new emergency area for the fire brigade, the complete renovation of the surface road and tramway, a new cycle and pedestrian path, a new architecture for the square that will house a new municipal market, water collectors, the planting of 137 new trees, and the installation of new monitoring systems for new and existing structures and the environment.

This project represents an epoch-making turning point for Turin, with large-scale infrastructural improvements, innovation and a vision for the future.

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  • Urban tunnel, metro
  • Cavern and shaft construction
  • Underground facilities and systems
  • Cut-and-cover
  • Tunnel safety
  • Operating and safety systems
  • Renovation
  • Excavation support and ground improvement
  • Environmental Impact Analyses
  • Engineering for net-zero future
  • Urban development
  • Special geotechnical works 
  • Railway engineering

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Work Period


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M€, costs of the entire project

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