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What we do

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Hydropower is one of the world’s safest, most reliable, environmentally friendly renewable energy generation. Our long experience and scientific approach allow the delivery of economically viable projects to private and public investors.

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Underground Works

Using underground space is a sustainable solution to address the ever-growing requirements of urban development. Our specialist teams cater to projects in all aspects, from excavations to operation, maintenance and fire safety.

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Our design specialists find bespoke structural design solutions in worldwide infrastructures, not limited to railways, motorways, bridges, mechanical buildings and also other special structures worldwide.

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Geotechnics and Geomechanics

Our geotechnical engineers and rock mechanics specialists are highly experienced in various foundations, slope stability, design of caverns, large underground sections, and ground subsidence assessments.

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Special Studies

We provide specialist ground, dam & tunnel modelling services, software development, thermal simulations, structural static and dynamic analyses, that allow us to represent an innovative excellence in supporting our clients.

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Digital Engineering (BIM)

Our BIM team has an extensive track record of delivering complex digital modeling services for major infrastructure projects worldwide.

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Durability Assessment

Our Durability Assessment team comprises various prominent scholars in Europe and eminent practitioners in the industry globally. We are the leading consultant of the Design Joint Venture in the durability assessment of the Snowy 2.0 project.


Hydroelectric power plants

Hydroelectric power plants

We are specialized in all aspects of hydropower engineering. Our expertise covers of generation schemes, from high head to run-of-river, as well as pumped storage facilities. We cover the entire project lifecycle, from conception and design to commissioning, operation, and maintenance. This includes social and environmental impact assessments, civil and electromechanical design, as well as project appraisals and due diligence. We are currently engaged in significant pumped storage projects worldwide, supporting the transition to renewable energy sources.

Hydraulic tunnels and shafts

Hydraulic tunnels and shafts

Hydraulic and underground structures have been at the core of our business since the foundation of Lombardi. Thanks to our experience on many projects in Switzerland and around the world, we gained a deep understanding of the unique challenges related to the design, construction, operation and maintenance of hydraulic tunnels and shafts in a wide range of conditions. Our experience cover design of high pressure and low pressure system, including mechanized (TBM) and drill and blast tunnelling.

Penstocks and steel lining

Penstocks and steel lining

We have extensive experience in designing steel penstocks and linings for both generation and pumped storage hydropower plants. We also have experience with FRP penstock, offering a flexible alternative for lower pressure applications. We also offer comprehensive assessment of existing penstock, including evaluation and retrofitting of existing structures.



We manage geo-related risks in civil works, to add value to the Client's Projects in terms of safety, quality, cost, lifespan, and sustainability. The Engineering Geological Model (EGM) and the Geo-risk Register (GR) are the two main concepts underpinning the risk management process, both based on the following core-activities: investigation and surveying, geological and hydrogeological modelling, geotechnical characterization of rock masses and soils, monitoring, ground behavior modelling of both human intervention and natural environments.

Operation & Maintenance

Operation & Maintenance

The operation and maintenance of infrastructure, particularly in transportation, are part of the project lifecycle. Considering these two aspects during the design phase of an infrastructure project gives a deeper understanding of the needs associated with operation and maintenance, all within the framework of a holistic vision for the infrastructure. This approach, with the operator and maintainer are involved from an early stage, enables the project owner to have a more accurate view of the overall cost, as early as the feasibility study.