Santiago Hydroelectric Project

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«The largest hydroelectric power plant in Ecuador and among the 10 largest in South America with 3600 MW of installed capacity (2400 MW Stage 1 + 1200 MW Stage 2).»
Santiago Hydroelectric Project: An Example of International Collaboration and Development Expertise in Ecuador

The Santiago Hydroelectric Project, an initiative that combines renewable energy innovation with sustainable development, is located at the confluence of the Zamora and Namangoza rivers in southeastern Ecuador. This project is not only an achievement in terms of engineering and clean energy production, but also a model of international collaboration and local talent development.

Project Highlights:

Strategic Location: The project extends over a 22,273 km² watershed, spanning several provinces in Ecuador.

Innovation and International Collaboration: Initiated in 2012, the project relies on the collaboration of international experts from the Federal Electricity Commission of Mexico (CFE), the consulting and optimization of the construction in stages by Lombardi S.A.

Multidisciplinary Expertise: A diverse team of engineers, geologists, geotechnicians and other specialists worked together to carry out this ambitious project, addressing technical challenges in an efficient and sustainable manner.

Training and Local Development: This project has been a unique opportunity to train Ecuadorian technicians and professionals in various disciplines, fostering the transfer of knowledge and skills in a context of international collaboration.

Sustainable and Efficient Design: The project, initially designed for a capacity of 3,600 MW, has been reconfigured to be built in stages, starting with 2,400 MW, with a planned expansion to reach full capacity. The Santiago Hydroelectric Project dam, 205 meters high and built with 3.2 million cubic meters of roller-compacted concrete, plays a crucial role in controlling river flow and generating hydroelectric power.

Our Commitment:

We strive to combine technological advances with sustainability. This project will be a milestone in the generation of clean energy and in the economic and technical development of Ecuador.

  • Tunnel safety
  • Hydroelectric power plants
  • Surface and underground powerhouses
  • Hydraulic tunnels and shafts
  • Hydromechanical equipment
  • Electromechanical equipment
  • Dams and retention structures

gravity arch dam

205 m

Dam height


m3/s CPM


MW Power of the plant

Lat: -3.024802
Lng: -78.216768

Morona Santiago, Ecuador