Lombardi and BE Power: Engineering Partnership to Advance Pumped Hydro Projects

Advancing Sustainable Energy Initiatives

Collaborating with BE Power, Lombardi works towards sustainable energy solutions, focusing on renewable initiatives like pumped hydro projects, contributing to a cleaner future.

We are pleased to share that BE Power has chosen us as their Principal Engineering Partner, entrusting us with exclusivity on all engineering and technical services for their projects.

BE Power's dedication to renewable energy aligns seamlessly with our vision for a sustainable future. Their portfolio features impressive projects like the Big T Pumped Hydro Energy Storage and Big G Pumped Hydro Energy Storage projects.

This collaboration enhances the technical capacity deployed on BE Power’s projects, enabling the delivery of pumped hydro projects from concept to construction and commercial operations, with Lombardi serving as owner's engineer and trusted advisor to BE Power.

Lombardi is a renowned engineering firm specialized in pumped hydro and tunnelling projects with significant expertise in the Australian market, notably as designer on significant projects like Snowy 2.0 – Australia's largest renewable energy project and the Southern Hemisphere's largest pumped hydro power plant, which highlights the strategic benefit of this partnership.

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Lombardi Sommer
  • Fabian Sommer
  • Managing Director Lombardi Australia
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Published on
    March 07, 2024
  • Green Energy
  • Engineering for net-zero future
Lombardi Sommer
«We are delighted to partner with BE Power. Their focus on developing a portfolio of high quality pumped hydro assets aligns with our expertise and ambitions to expand our presence in Australia. Together, we're poised to make a significant positive impact on Australia's renewable energy future.» Fabian Sommer, Managing Director Lombardi Australia